Not the worlds hardest games, but hard games, free games and fun games all-in-one ! Shall it become one of the best arcade games ever ?
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Welcome to Free hard games !
Tetris breakout is an independent arcade game that merges the concepts of tetris and breakout, creating a brand new experience.
Developed by geeks, for geeks, this test of your skills might well be harder than it seems to master !
Concept of the game
Use your mouse to throw the ball and break bricks. Making combos will be worth more points.
Some broken bricks will free tetris pieces, which you'll have to place using your keyboard's arrows or AWSD.
But don't get distracted : the ball won't stop to bounce !
Your mission :
Manage your pieces wisely and aim with skill to score the highest combos you can
For the breakout : Break up as many bricks as you can at once to earn more points
For the Tetris : Complete the most lines you can with your pieces, and accelerate the parts for a small extra.